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Gary Thorne on The Brave OT Podcast

In this episode of The Brave OT podcast, hosted by Carlyn Neek, Gary Thorne shares valuable insights for therapy business owners, even those who are many years away from closing
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Everything is Negotiable: 5 Tips to Successfully Negotiate Your First Job Contract as a Physiotherapist

With over 1,500 physiotherapist job vacancies across Canada, it’s likely you’ll receive multiple job offers when coming out of school. Although this is a blessing, it can also be a
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Practice Management Challenges in 2024: Caseload, Relationships and Time

Over the past year, Canada’s physical therapy, chiropractic and occupational therapy landscapes changed dramatically. Practitioners rallied to address and conquer some of the top issues of the past, like the
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What to Include in Your Healthcare Practice’s Functional Strategic Plan

Strategic planning creates value for every business – small, medium, or large. Essentially, it’s a process to figure out where your practice is going and the best route to get
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Do You Have Enough Cash in Your Healthcare Practice to Grow?

Owners of healthcare practices often wrestle with a difficult question: “Is there sufficient cash in my practice to capitalize on my next growth event?” It’s important for business owners to
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3 Mistakes to Avoid as You Plan, Start and Grow Your Private Healthcare Practice

Starting a private healthcare business is a giant leap for anyone to take.  It often requires leaving the familiarity and reassurance of a regular paycheque for a more uncertain financial
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