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Grow Your Practice #1: Understand the Rules of the Endgame

Are you thinking about selling your healthcare practice one day? If so, it’s critical to understand what buyers are looking for, so you can start creating maximum value in your business today. Here are 5 things that matter to buyers in the end – if you know these, you won’t be leaving money on the table.

Grow Your Practice #2: Know Your Competitive Advantage

The world is different today, and so is your practice. Knowing how to go from survive mode to thrive mode is critical. And that starts with knowing your competitive advantage. In this video, learn the importance of leadership in establishing your competitive advantage.

Grow Your Practice #3: Cut Your Expenses to Grow Stronger

Struggling to hit double-digit EBIDTA? In this video, see how you can identify expenses that are having no impact on your customer experience, while also building a strong team to help you go far. Stop expense creep, evaluate your labour model options, and drive an amazing customer experience.

Grow Your Practice #4: Elevate Your Organizational Capital

If you’re looking to create value in your healthcare practice, organizational capital is something you should be paying attention to. Organizational capital can be broken down into two parts: utilizing resources efficiently and mitigating expense creep. In this video, get ideas on how to win at both.

Grow Your Practice #5: Why People Capital Matters Most

Your best people are your greatest asset. You hire people to increase the value of your practice – but this is easier said than done, and many clinic owners often find themselves overspending on people costs. There are several ways to tackle this problem, which you’ll learn about in this video.

Sell Your Practice #1: Make an Exit Plan to Extract Maximum Value

Most practice owners are underprepared for the sale of their healthcare business. In fact, only 16% who plan to exit in the next 12 months have a succession plan. In this video, learn what an exit plan is, how to make one, and what you should be thinking about today for maximum value tomorrow.

Sell Your Practice #2: The Art & Science of Valuating a Healthcare Practice

It’s been said that assigning a value to a healthcare practice is part science and part art. When trying to figure out the value of your practice, it’s important to look at both components. In this video, learn what matters today and tomorrow, so you can maximize the valuation of your practice. 

Sell Your Practice #3: Understanding External Buyers

There are two main types of external buyers: strategic interest buyers and financial buyers (usually referred to as private equity firms). In this video, we discuss the difference between these two buyers, what their unique qualities are, what they look for in a healthcare practice, and how to work with each.

Start My Practice #1: Way2Plan

Today, it’s harder than ever to start a successful healthcare practice. That’s why it’s important to spend more time in the pre-planning and planning phase. In this video we cover the most important strategic, operational and people-related components to consider when you’re planning your practice for success.

Start My Practice #2: Right2Win

Once you’ve planned your practice, it’s time to move on to the implementation phase. In this video, learn what you should be considering in order to future proof your practice for the first 10, 15 or even 20 years of business. This includes strategic, operational and people-related considerations and how to implement them for success.

Start My Practice #3: Capacity4Change

When you own your own healthcare practice, things can change wildly in a week. That’s why it’s important to have a system in place to help you stay focused on execution, while also enabling you to be nimble when you need to change. In this video, learn about four disciplines of execution that will help increase your capacity and stay outcome-oriented.

Advice for New-to-Practice Clinicians When Negotiating Your First Job Contract

Are you a new-to-practice clinician looking to negotiate your first job contract? If so, it’s important to understand your job offers so you can weigh your options carefully and negotiate your contract wisely. In this video, we go over several aspects to be aware of, and how you can take advantage of ELEVATE’s new clinician coaching packages.

3 Tips for Practice Management as a New Clinician

Are you in your first 3 years working as a new clinician? If so, you may be wondering how to manage your practice with confidence, efficiency and efficacy. In this video, we discuss three management areas many new clinicians struggle with and provide tips for each: caseload management, relationship management and time management. Get in touch to learn more.

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